Persona 2: Innocent Sin

About The Game...

Persona 2: Innocent Sin is the first game in the Persona 2 duology. It follows a teenager named Tatsuya Suou in a world where the most spread rumours become the truth...

This is believed to be the doing of the malevolent Joker, a being who appears when you call your own cell phone number!

Tatsuya tests this with his friends, and surprisingly the Joker shows up, a jester dressed in mysterious white with a mask on... and he threatens them! They then awaken to the power of Persona, a magical creature representing the true inner self.

Tatsuya's Persona is Vulcanus, the Roman god of fire, volcanoes & the forge. It protects Tatsuya with powerful fire attacks.

Together with his friends, Tatsuya has to stop the Joker and the ongoing crazier and crazier rumours that are disrupting the town and letting demons loose into the world... but will he be successful...?

My Thoughts

The Persona 2 duology, especially Innocent Sin, is a very big part of me. It became part of my identity at one point, and two years since playing it at the time of writing I still love it very much.

I haven't played it in a while, so unfortunately I'm probably going to get details wrong. I probably already have. But that's okay! This page is more dedicated to my feelings about the game.

Still under construction!!