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Hey! Welcome!

This is the part of my site where I talk about video games. Do you like it? It's got a base theme of 4 colours. One day I'll figure out how to make said 4 colours change, and it'll be really really cool!

I've got a little cat mascot dude, you can see him in the background and in the 'Under Construction' sign down the side. He's nice. What should I name him? Cuz he's nameless right now, and I feel bad about it!

This page is for all sorts of games - RPGs, shooters, roguelikes, et cetera - as long as I'm into them of course, or just want to talk about them. There's no use in running a page that makes me miserable, man! I'm gonna write about what I want!

The game I'm currently playing will show up in the marquee up there, if I'm not lazy. I'll probably list multiple games at once lol... but that's fine, cuz if I'm playing more than one game I'm playing more than one game.

Don't be surprised if you click on a link and the page switches aesthetics! I am wildly inconsistent and I'm probably gonna do that a concerning amount of times!!! It's fun and sometimes I wanna be pink instead of blue, you know?


dd/mm/yy, people! Posts (obviously) in reverse-chronological order!

Sig 13/07/22
New avvy! Because I can't just use the background image.

Sig 12/07/22
I've officially started the updates section! So I guess the update is the update...