yoshiki no okusan..?

I came across this image recently. It's an interview sheet or whatever for HIDE of X JAPAN.

This already piqued my interest of course, because i love HIDE. And judging by the photo used it's from the earlier days - looks like it's from maybe '89? But don't take my word on that. That's not what's so important about it.

Look closely at what's written underneath the "特技・資格" (Specialties / Qualifications) section. You can see clearly that HIDE wrote down the words "よしきのおくさん".

That's "Yoshiki's Wife". Which is a little nonstandard, considering that HIDE is actually qualified in cosmetology. Thinking this through in my head, I can only really see this as meaning one of two things.

  1. HIDE is joking about being skilled at doing Yoshiki's wife.
  2. HIDE is joking about being skilled at being Yoshiki's wife

Yoshiki doesn't have a wife, which really only gives me one option.

HIDE, Yoshiki... do you have something to tell us...? ~_^

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