member troubles

I remember the time Kaneto-Juusei had some member troubles. Even though he's the band leader, at the time, it looked as if Yuriko was going to leave the band. Hinata, the band's support guitarist, even had to fill in for him at shows because he refused to play live as well as come to the studio.

His reasoning was "Tokyo train station attendants have a bad attitude".

It was most likely a publicity stunt, sort of like Kururu's thing with "Ayumu" disappearing. The bit about contacting his parents was definitely odd to me. But it's quite an interesting little event in Kaneto-Juusei history.

They used it to promote their new single.

This is the message posted:

It translates to this:

Important Notice

Dear Sir or Madam, We would like to thank you for your continued support.

For the sake of convenience, we will preface this message with a lengthy introduction, but we hope you will read it through to the end.

After repeated discussions among all members of Kaneto-Juusei, we have reached a conclusion on our future activities.

It all started in the fall of this year, when one of the members suddenly contacted us saying that he did not want to go to the studio.

We contacted the parents of one of the members, but they also said they had not heard from him.

With the live concert approaching, the remaining members had to work all night every day to make up for the missing members, and they were exhausted.

The day before the concert, we were able to confirm the safety of the member in question, and when we asked him about the situation, he told us that "station staff in Tokyo have a bad attitude" and that he had become distrustful of people.

We, for our part, sincerely regret this. Therefore, Kaneto-Juusei has come up with a single answer.

New Single "Station Employees in Tokyo Have Bad Attitude" we are going to release a new song today.

Now is the time to make the world a better place.

We're sorry for the long preamble, but here's the main topic.

Our 2nd mini-album will be released in the next month or so. Our second mini-album, "The Life of Akihito Kobayashi," will be released in the next month or so.

P.S. Sorry!

Honestly, I think they just really wanted to scare fans by making them think the band was going to break up. It's phrased a LOT like a break-up message.

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