Souiumono formed as a 3-piece band in 2011. They consisted of their vocalist Sacci, their bassist Nuppe, and a guitarist named "Donkey".

Only a year after, Donkey left the band and they recruited two new guitarists, Nono and Hiro Bucky. These two happen to be my favourite members of the band! They also recruited a much needed drummer, Kamui.

I really, really love these guys! It's a crime if you don't. (99% of the population is committing a crime. I wish these guys got popular.)

Their band theme was originally "Blue Men, but when they realised looking like weird smurf teletubbies wasn't marketable they changed their theme to a much more sensible and fun "RPG".

Souiumono has plenty of wonderful songs: NANDAKANDA, RAGNAROK, EMBLEM, and way more of course! Totally give their whole discography a listen!