I actually don't have much information on the members right now. Basically, the band is so new that I can't fill anything out about anybody... so it's all reaaaally basic right now. Like, "here's their name and role and that's it" basic. I apologise!

「#Vo. Fuwa」

Fuwa is 「#Botsu」's vocalist.

He's really awesome. Look at that smile... he's out for blood!! I love his eye makeup too.

「#Gt. Hisui」

Hisui is 「#Botsu」's support guitarist.

This guy's pretty cool. I don't have much to say about him though.

「#Ba. Momoharu」

Momoharu is 「#Botsu」's bassist.

He's my favourite in the band! He's got such cool hair, and the plaid is to die for. He looks really cool with painted-black fingers too!

「#Dr. Jun」

Jun is 「#Botsu」's drummer.

That stare... watch out for him. His purple hair looks so cool with the different shades!