「#Botsu」 (or 「#没」) is a visual kei band.

I've been following them since a few days after they revealed their members, and I really really like them!!

They have a really interesting style, both music style and visual style. I think my honmei is Fuwa or Momoharu, but they're all reallly reallllly cool.

Officially their name is romanised as "#Botsu", but "Latin quotation marks" don't have the same striking vibe as 「Japanese ones」. So I'll write their name how I please, thank you very much!!

12 June 2022
Members revealed:
24 June 2022
First Release:
15 August 2022
Latest Release:
15 August 2022
First Live:
29 August 2022
Latest Live:
29 August 2022