Who's this ugly pink machine?

Who's this ugly pink machine?

Not hide, that's who. It's me, the webmaster! My name is Sig.

I enjoy learning HTML and as of recently I'm learning how Python works. Let's have fun!

If you couldn't tell, I really love Japanese musician Hideto Matsumoto A.K.A HIDE A.K.A hide.

That's why I themed my site around the guy.

You don't really know me, so that's why you're reading my about page, right?

If you don't know me for all intensive purposes my pronouns are it/them. If you do know me, you probably know what other pronouns you can use with me (if you don't, just ask!).

Some of my favourite bands include: X Japan, Buck-Tick, Malice Mizer, hide with Spread Beaver (duh), Kaneto-Juusei, and a looooot more!

For example, Souiumono. I have a lot of Hiro Bucky pictures. Ask me about Souiumono, I'd love to tell you about them.